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*Very important information about COVID-19*

Due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we have designated a clean zone of exam rooms in our Annex. These rooms are separated from our main office, where we provide care only for sick visits. We continue to provide essential well visits for newborns to age 2, and up to age 21 for the necessary vaccines. These visits will be provided in our clean zone in the Annex.
During this critical time, we are converting the majority of our sick visits to Telehealth. If you are concerned about coming to the office, you will be able to visit with us using Telehealth.
If you have an appointment scheduled and are feeling any symptoms of illness, or would prefer not to come to the office, please call our office at 858-459-5437 to have your appointment converted to a Teleheath visit.

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Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Happy

Preparedness is the key! At Children's Clinic La Jolla, our pediatricians provide you with several health tips that can help you stay on top of your kids' well-being. Follow these tips from medical experts to prevent your child from harm and illness, from a concussion to allergies, and everything in between such as immunizations, emergency pediatric care, sports physicals, prenatal visits, ADD/ADHD and so much more.

Health Tips

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About Us

Established in 2004, Children's Clinic La Jolla (CCLJ) is a certified pediatric clinic comprised of four seasoned pediatricians dedicated to delivering primary and urgent care. Open to patients from newborn to 21 years old, we provide immunizations, sports medicine, and neonatal care. Parents also come to us for personalized treatment for their child's developmental issues, allergies, and asthma, among many others.

We are committed to providing high-caliber pediatric care services to meet the individual medical needs of our patients in a friendly manner. Families throughout the Greater San Diego area are also welcome to visit us for well or sick children visits. We aim to create a child-friendly environment where young patients can build a close relationship with their pediatricians. Our Children's clinic is a proud member of the American Academy of Pediatricians™.

CCLJ believes that innovation is an important factor in the field of medicine. We stay on the cutting edge of medical advancements and processes to further improve the quality and efficiency of our service. Our pediatric center is equipped with the latest electronic medical record (EMR) system that allows us to ensure greater accuracy in patient's recordkeeping, diagnosis, prescriptions, and medical testing. At CCLJ, we care about your children as if they are ours so we make sure to provide them the best care possible to maintain their well-being.

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