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By Children's Clinic La Jolla
December 29, 2020
Category: Children's Health
Tags: Breastfeeding  

Breastfeeding is beneficial for both you and your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that you continue to breastfeed your baby for at least the first six months of her life. This is because breast milk contains all the vital nutrient you child need during that initial growth period, which makes it more beneficial than baby formula. It can also protect your infant from stomach viruses, respiratory illnesses, and common infections. However, if you’re struggling with breastfeeding, this can cause stress and feelings of guilt. Talking to a pediatric doctor can help you overcome your breastfeeding difficulties and enjoy motherhood in a new way. The team of pediatricians at Children's Clinic La Jolla, in La Jolla, CA, are there to help you from your first days of motherhood until your child grows into an adult.

Common Struggles with Breastfeeding

La Jolla mothers often encounter the following problems with breastfeeding:

  • Difficulty latching on: It’s not uncommon for new mothers to struggle with latching on. To make it work for you, you need to make sure you and your baby are in a comfortable position. A breastfeeding stool can help with this and a pillow behind your back will give you extra support. If you are still having difficulty your pediatrician can advise you.
  • Sore nipples: When you first begin breastfeeding, you may notice some tenderness, but this will typically pass as you get used to nursing. Letting your nipples air dry after feeding and using a soothing ointment such as lanolin can help.
  • Leaking breasts: As your milk supply and demand cycle gets fine-tuned during the first few weeks of breastfeeding, you may find that your breasts sometimes leak. To save the discomfort of wet clothes, you can insert disposable or washable breast pads into your bra.

If you are experiencing these or other difficulties with breastfeeding, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Don’t struggle in silence, talk to a pediatrician. If you live in La Jolla, CA, and you are looking for a pediatrician, call Children's Clinic La Jolla at (858) 459-KIDS to request an appointment.

By Children's Clinic La Jolla
December 11, 2020
Category: Children's Health

Taking your child to the pediatrician for a good children's visit should be routine, but sometimes unexpected things happen, and your child may need emergency pediatric services. The Children’s Clinic La Jolla in La Jolla, CA, offers an array of services off-hours for parents seeking emergency assistance.

When should I take my child to the emergency pediatrician?


Children often get sick as their immune systems adjust to the world in which they live. However, if your youth experiences high fever, severe vomiting, excessive fatigue, pain, or any combination of these symptoms, it would be best to take your little one to the emergency pediatrician.


Falls, accidents, and other trauma could be enough to warrant emergency medical attention. Excessive bleeding, broken bones, severe discoloration, and swelling are all signs that your youngster could benefit from seeing a doctor as soon as possible. Sprains and other injuries are great reasons to see the doctor.

Poisoning and allergies

Swallowing foreign objects or liquids requires immediate medical attention. Many children have asthma and other allergic conditions. Taking your child to the emergency pediatrician is prudent when you do not have an Epi-pen handy, or the emergency puffer is not working. Children also tend to react more severely to things like poison oak and may need emergency services.


If you find that your child is experiencing a seizure, get them to an emergency doctor as soon as possible. Even if the symptoms have stopped, getting him or her examined is prudent so that you know what to do next time the same symptoms arise.

When in doubt, call us. There may be some circumstances you may be unsure of and maybe need emergency help. For empathetic, professional emergency pediatric care for your child, come to The Children’s Clinic La Jolla in La Jolla, CA. Contact us at (858) 459-KIDS (5437).

By Children's Clinic La Jolla
December 09, 2020
Tags: Prenatal Visit  

One of the most important visits to the pediatrician takes place before your baby is born. During a prenatal visit to the Children's Clinic La Jolla in La Jolla, CA, you'll meet the providers, including pediatricians S. Daman Paul and Gretchen Gainor and pediatric nurse practitioner Asako Komiya. You'll also have ample opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns regarding infant care and health.

What you can expect during your prenatal visit

The prenatal visit offers the perfect opportunity to get to know your child's healthcare providers and prepare for the arrival of your son or daughter. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents schedule a visit during the third trimester of pregnancy.

During your visit you'll:

  • Share Your Medical and Family History: Your child's pediatrician will ask questions about issues that could affect the health of your baby, including pregnancy complications, past pregnancies, and diseases that run in your family or your partner's family.
  • Review Your Preparations: Your pediatrician can give you the latest information regarding car seat safety, safe bedding for your crib, infant sleeping positions, and childproofing your home.
  • Discuss Immunizations: Immunizations prevent your child from developing mumps, measles, rubella, polio, hepatitis, tetanus, Diptheria, hepatitis, rotavirus, whooping cough, and other illnesses. You'll also learn what immunizations family members or caregivers who will interact with your baby should receive and receive information about the recommended immunization schedule.
  • Talk About Life with a Baby: Do you have a few questions about caring for your baby? Whether you want to know when you can expect your baby to sleep through the night, what to do if feeding issues occur, or how to avoid diaper rash, your pediatrician or provider can offer plenty of information.
  • Discuss Postpartum Depression: Recognizing the signs of postpartum depression can help you ensure that you receive the care you need if you happen to develop the condition.


Prenatal visits also help you decide if the pediatric practice you're considering will be a good fit for you and your family. Do the providers seem caring and competent? Are the La Jolla office hours convenient? Can you reach the doctors easily in an emergency?

Have you scheduled a prenatal visit with the pediatricians at Children's Clinic La Jolla in La Jolla, CA, yet? Call Drs. Paul and Gainor and pediatric nurse practitioner Asako Komiya at (858) 459-5437 to make your appointment.

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