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By Children's Clinic La Jolla
March 19, 2019
Tags: ADD/ADHD  

Are you worried that your child may be suffering from ADD or ADHD? Dr. S. Daman Paul and Dr. Gretchen Gainor at Children's Clinic La ADDJolla in La Jolla, CA, can help you.

What is ADD/ADHD?

ADD/ADHD has recently received more attention. The neurobehavioral disorder debilitates a child's ability to focus on a single task. Unfortunately, there are many people that misdiagnose children with ADD/ADHD, which is why you need to go to a professional; not every child that displays symptoms actually has this behavioral disorder. Sometimes, children are just being children and acting out in a very normal way.

What are Some Symptoms a Child may be Suffering From?

Children who suffer from ADD/ADHD can't concentrate because their brain tells them to do multiple things at once. Children display the symptoms listed in all circumstances, and they're not limited to home, school, or with a babysitter:

  • Children display disruptive and impulsive behaviors.
  • They tend to forget or misplace homework and other items.
  • They are constantly fidgeting and don't have the inability to follow directions.
  • They also have difficulty listening, or focusing on conversations.

Do you need an Evaluation at your La Jolla, CA, Doctor's Office?

Dr. Paul and Dr. Gainor at Children's Clinic La Jolla are trained to detect the symptoms mentioned above and consider other factors parents and school faculty don't. Doctors monitor and evaluate developmental disorders or disabilities that may manifest similar symptoms to confirm whether, or not, your child is actually suffering from ADD/ADHD.

What is Post-Evaluation Care?

After your physician has confirmed that your child has ADD/ADHD, the following steps will help in managing ADD/ADHD since there is no cure. Your doctor may prescribe medicine. There is a medication, like Ritalin, that will help manage behavioral symptoms by slowing down impulsivity and increase their focus. Other non-medicated approaches involve behavioral therapies that can lessen symptoms and improve school and home life.

Do you need a consultation?

If you think your child is displaying symptoms of ADD/ADHD, then it’s time to schedule an evaluation with Children’s Clinic La Jolla in La Jolla, CA. Call (858) 459-5437 to schedule today!

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