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By Children's Clinic La Jolla
August 22, 2019

How your pediatricians in La Jolla, CA, can help with minor sports injuries

Playing sports is a great activity for your child to enjoy. The sense of achievement and being part of a team are kid-sportsimportant milestones for your child. Unfortunately, sports injuries also can be part of children’s sports. The pediatricians at Children’s Clinic La Jolla in La Jolla, CA, offer a wide range of children’s medical services, such as treating minor sports injuries. Major sports injuries with fractures, lacerations, head trauma, loss of consciousness are referred to trauma centers such as Rady children’s hospital or the nearest facility.

Your child’s muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones have not finished growing, which can cause differences in coordination and strength. These differences can lead to an increased risk of sports injuries. Children also have differences in stamina, and if your child gets fatigued quickly, it can also lead to an increased risk of a sports injury.
You can do a lot to help your child prevent sports injuries. It’s important for your child to:

  • Do stretches and warm-up exercises before playing sports
  • Wear protective, appropriate gear like helmets, padding, and shin guards
  • Follow the rules when playing sports
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated while staying active

Overuse is a common type of sports injury. Some examples of overuse injuries include tennis elbow, shin splints, or tendonitis. If your child is suffering from an overuse injury, you can try:

  • Placing ice packs on the area several times during the day
  • Resting and elevating the affected area for a short period of time
  • Wrapping the painful area to provide cushioning and support

Serious sports injuries or injuries that don’t respond to home therapies should be treated by your pediatrician. Traumatic sports injuries, falling, or twisting can result in sharp, severe pain. Sudden injuries that cause strained ligaments, sprained muscles, and broken bones should all be treated by your pediatrician. Professional medical care can give your child relief from pain and help speed the healing process.

You don’t have to let your child be sidelined by a sports injury. Relief is just a phone call away. To find out more about the treatment of sports injuries and other pediatric medical care, call the pediatricians at Children’s Clinic La Jolla in San Diego and La Jolla, CA, today!

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