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By Children's Clinic La Jolla
January 28, 2020
Category: Pediatrics
Tags: Prenatal Visits  

One of the most effective ways to ensure a healthy delivery is to keep on top of your health while you’re pregnant. As you bask in all the fun things that come with being pregnant such as eating (almost) anything you’re craving for, choosing a name, and nesting, make certain that you have a set prenatal checkup schedule. Obtaining regular and early prenatal care will help improve your chances of a problem-free and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

If you suspect that you might be pregnant or if you haven’t had a prenatal visit yet, our doctors here in Children’s Clinic La Jolla, CA, Drs. S. Daman Paul, Gretchen Gainor, and Asako Komiya PNP will be glad to help you out.


How Moms-to-Be Can Benefit From Regular Prenatal Visits

With regular prenatal checkups, you can:

  • Minimize your baby’s risk of developing complications. Alcohol use and tobacco smoke during pregnancy can increase your baby’s risk for SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Likewise, alcohol can increase your little one’s risk of developing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. These disorders could result in various health issues including problems with bones, kidneys, or the heart, abnormal facial features, intellectual disability, poor memory, and poor coordination.
  • Lower your risk of developing health complications. A nutritious diet and safe exercise routine as recommended by your doctor can help decrease the chances of developing all sorts of pregnancy complications and promote healthy fetal development. Additionally, a vital part of your prenatal visits in our clinic here in La Jolla, CA, is to ensure that you keep on top of any existing health issues you may have. This can include diabetes and high blood pressure that if left untreated can cause severe or life-threatening complications for you and your baby.
  • Make sure that all the medications you’re taking are safe for you and your baby. Some antibiotics and certain ingredients such as those in oral and topical acne treatments as well as herbal and dietary supplements can harm your developing baby.

Regular prenatal visits with Dr. S. Daman Paul or Dr. Gretchen Gainor here in Children’s Clinic La Jolla, CA, can help ensure that your pregnancy is coming along fine and spot any problem signs early on before they become more serious and harder to treat. To learn more about what to expect during your prenatal visit and to schedule your appointment, call (858) 459-5437. For emergencies, call (858) 750-5232.

By Children's Clinic La Jolla
May 28, 2019
Category: Children's Health
Tags: Prenatal Visits  

Prenatal care is one of the most important things you can do for your baby. Regularly coming into our La Jolla office during your pregnancy allows our medical team to monitor your baby’s health, development, and growth at different stages of the birthing process—all steps that help to fortify the health of your child. Read on to learn more about what the doctors at Children's Clinic La Jolla can do for you!

What Happens During Prenatal Visits?

Some of the things that happen during a routine prenatal visit include:

  • Gathering a urine sample
  • Checking your blood pressure
  • Taking your weight
  • Measuring your abdomen
  • Listening to the baby’s heartbeat
  • Checking if you are dilated (during the last weeks of pregnancy)

Some prenatal visits also include an ultrasound, which makes it possible to observe your baby’s growth and development. The first ultrasound is often scheduled for around the eighth week of pregnancy. The due date can be determined or confirmed during this ultrasound. A second ultrasound is usually scheduled for around the 20th week of pregnancy. The doctor will check that your baby is growing and developing at the proper rate. At this time, it is also possible to determine the sex of your baby, if you wish.


How Often are Prenatal Visits Needed?

You will have several prenatal visits in La Jolla throughout your pregnancy. Most pregnant women in good health come in for prenatal appointments approximately every four weeks during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. The frequency of visits changes to every two to three weeks after the 28th week of pregnancy. During the last month of pregnancy, prenatal visits occur weekly until the baby is born.


Give Us a Call!

Prenatal visits are an important way you can begin caring for your baby before birth. They also provide an exciting opportunity to bond with your baby as you hear your baby’s heartbeat or see your little one on the screen during an ultrasound. For prenatal visits in La Jolla, schedule an appointment with the Children’s Clinic La Jolla by calling the office at (858) 459-5437.


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